1. Introducing... FasTrac
FasTrac was developed with process verification in mind. You can't afford to have your medicated feed accidently delivered to the wrong bin. FasTrac ensures the right feed gets to the right bin each and every time.
2. Create the Order
Whenever you create an order in FAS, the order is automatically synced to the FasTrac system. System barcodes are then email with the order to the specified vendor. Without any additional input, your order is ready to begin its process verified journey through FasTrac.
3. FasTrac Login
Each FasTrac device is driver specific. Each order that is scanned with the device is assigned a driver ID.
4. Scan New Orders
When you scan a new order on the device, it imports all of its details. Order details, driving directions and delivery dates and times can all be found right on the device.
5. Loading The Trailer
Simply scan each compartment on the trailer and your FasTrac device will tell you how much feeds goes into each compartment and which compartment will be unloaded into each bin.
6. Unloading The Trailer
Simply scan each bin at the site and your FasTrac device will tell you which compartments to unload into each bin.
7. Completing the Order
Once you have finished unloading the order, the FasTrac device will automatically sync back to FAS updating all pending orders.
8. FasTrac Status
The orders report within FAS automatically synchronizes with FasTrac, updating the status of each order sent through FasTrac.