Feed Allocation System
1. Introducing... Feed Allocation System
Automate your most complicated and time-consuming tasks and ensure you’re delivering the right feed at the right time. Stop struggling to track feed budgets. Simplify and clarify the feed ordering process while reducing outages.
2. Feed Allocation Report
Understanding where thousands of pounds of feed has been allocated is a daunting task. The Allocation Report makes it easy to track. Follow your budgets every step of the way with the allocation report. You'll know exactly how feed has been allocated, and what is just around the corner.
3. Easy Ordering
Ordering feed couldn't be easier! Select your group, enter your feed amount, allocate feed to bins, Thats it! Feed orders are automatically Emailed or sent via FTP to your vendors. Print and fax are also available.
4. Order Error Catching
Intelligent error catching can help prevent wasted time and money. Your company can't afford to have inaccurate feed orders. Budget tracking helps you order the correct amount of feed to finish out the current ration. Easily adjust a ration to customize your order.
5. Built in Email Client
Our built in email client helps ensure that your orders are delivered promptly. Email Server Failover ensures that you experience little to no downtime. You'll instantly know if a message has failed to send and what caused the failure. You even have the option to correct the error and attempt a resend.
6. Estimated Market Date
Estimated Market Date Report helps you better understand the life-cycle of each and every one of your groups. Pin point feed outages, track feed consumption and accurately understand when a group will go to market.
7. Suggested Orders
Minimizing feed outages is important to the successful growth of your livestock. View all of your suggested orders and place them accordingly. You'll always know when a feed order should be placed to ensure it arrives in time to avoid an outage, saving you time and money.
8. Mobile Events
The sooner you know about key information regarding your livestock, the sooner you can act on that information. Receive orders, bin inventories, and delivery confirmations, all from a mobile device in the hands of your farm staff. QR Codes can be scanned to quickstart the process of submitting orders and running reports.